The correct construction of nails made in the salon

When should you think about giving your nails a beautiful shape? It is worth considering this not only when we are the owners of a long and robust nail plate. Nails can change the look of your hand, and in particular, soften it. Our friends and family will notice clean hands. Each of us has their taste when it comes to nail aesthetics. It’s worth getting to know some essential tips on how nails made in the salon should look like.

Construction of the nail

In the case of nails made in the salon, there are two most important factors: aesthetics and durability. For both elements to be preserved, the correct nail structure is fundamental. In today’s times of increased competition, we have a choice of many nail styling methods. Nail stylists know from experience that clients value the delicacy and naturalness of their nails more and more. They are very elegant, feminine and merely fashionable. Nail stylists face a big dilemma: do thin or thicker nails? It should be borne in mind that nails with correct structure will not be fragile. However, it is possible to have a stylization that will make them look natural.

How to choose the shape of nails?

Well-groomed hands and nails are women’s business card. Probably many of us will ask ourselves: Why is the appearance of your hand so important? Imagine a woman with dirty hands and nails, each of which has a different length and a different shape. It is evident that such a view is not encouraging. Not every one of us paints nails, but despite the lack of additional stylization, it is worth taking care of the neat look of the hand. Nails have a lunula – it’s a white part of the nail that suggests its shape. If there is a round shape of the nail should be rounded if square – square. Well-groomed hands complement the image of a woman. It is also a reflection of its character. Looking at stylization in this aspect is worth. The length of the tile depends on the length of the fingers. The shorter the toes, the longer the nails. They will allow you to slim your hand.

Basic nail shapes: what for whom?

Square – an elegant shape. However, it is worth remembering that it will not fit every hand. Women with short and wide fingers should be careful about this shape. It is quite challenging to maintain because the square end of the nail is vulnerable to damage. Most recommended for long and medium nails. This shape should be fixed, for example, with a layer of acrylic – we protect the nails from damage. The plate is sawn to obtain the form of a square (rectangle). The effect is achieved by filing the plates parallel to the fingers, and the edge of the nail perpendicular to them.

Oval – suitable for any hand. It involves rounding the sides with a file. This shape is very natural, easy to maintain, does not hook. Ideally suited for making decorations, and additionally beautifully wysmuklają hand.

Round – the most basic shape of the nail. If you are a follower of minimalism, this shape will work correctly. The best solution for women who can not afford long nails (due to work performed, fragility or split plate). It is very resistant to damage. It looks very good with short nails. To achieve it, just gently around the sides with a file.

Almond – a more extensive and more filed variety of nails. Intended for women who want to very slim their hand and give it notes of elegance. The file should be rounded with the data until the beautiful V shape is obtained. The narrow and long plate is not easy to maintain.

Spitz – it is almond, but sharp with a triangular shape. Beautifully lengthen the hand, give it charm and femininity. They are difficult to maintain due to their length. Acrylic that strengthens nails may be helpful. They are best suited for special occasions (weddings, special events). In everyday use, they may turn out to be not very practical. As an argument, it’s worth adding that they add sex appeal.

Length of nails

It should be matched not only to the expectations of the client. It is also important to advise the client on the right solution. In the case of a full plate, we should not make long and pointed nails. Nails should not look defiant and attract attention. A small plate and slender fingers are the most styling possibilities. Both long and short nails look good.

The structure of a gel nail

In the case of a salon, the time in which we provide the service is significant. For a stylish, time is money, while for clients it is also an important issue. In the case of regular customers, it is not only the time needed to perform a new stylization, but also the renewal. Using the gel method, we can save a lot of time. We do not have to show all the nails anew

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