How to professionally top up gel nails?

Shiny or matte? Long or short? A similar question is asked by many women who decide to stylize their nails. Gel nails look perfectly and last for about three weeks. Pattern, length, colour are selected according to your preferences.

Gel nails: what are they?

Gel manicure has long been favourite in US. It is one of the methods of beautifying and prolonging the nail plate. The process consists of applying three or more layers of the gel, which is cured using a UV lamp. Healing the nail takes about 3 minutes. Stylists use most often single phase gels because all layers are based on the same gel. Making a style in this way will save time. There are various types of gels available on the market: modelling, brocade, gloss and camouflage.

Properties of gel nails

The most important advantages of this styling method are the simplicity of application and speed. An additional benefit is the price of the treatment and the natural look and shape of the nail. When styling, care must be taken that air does not get in between the layers. Then the colour may be inconsistent. The gel on your nails stays long and looks very impressive. Choosing this method of nail stylization, we have to reckon with the fact that now and then we need to supplement it. Nails grow about 8 mm per month, so the correction will have to be repeated approximately every three weeks. Styling will be suitable for a fragile nail plate. The gel is an ideal solution for its extension. It is also possible to apply the gel to a naturally long nail. Durability depends on many factors: on the condition of the nail, the quality of the nail polish and on the way it is made.

Correction of gel nails

Gel nails combine with the need to refill them from time to time. Correction is a necessary procedure if you want to enjoy stylization. Regrowth causes an unsightly appearance, and also a threat of mechanical damage. Typically, after about two weeks, we notice the first, yet slight regrowth. For the nails made precisely, the correction will be minimal. In the case of an increase in the nail that will expose a large part of the nail plate, it will be necessary to supplement it. In the case of large shoots, an accidental impact is enough to break not only the gel on the nail but also the nail plate under it. There are three different types of correction for gel nails

A small correction of gel nails

This is a procedure performed almost two weeks after the initial stylization. Regrowth is very small, and the condition of the gel is satisfactory. This correction is a concise procedure. The goal is to refresh your nails, for example for some special occasion. This type of correction is an excellent time to remove minor damage to the gel mass. We can gently file the border of the gel and the natural tile and even the edge. It is also necessary to darken the gel so that you can apply a fresh layer of gel. If there is no need to repair the gel damage, do not cut the nails too intensely because they will lose their form and this will result in a longer correction time.

Supplementing gel nails

We do them after about four weeks from the initial styling. The purpose of the supplement is to remove the resulting regrowth, shorten the nails and give them the shape that suits us. 70% of the gel is filed. A coarse file or a milling machine will be needed for this (it will shorten the time of the procedure and also make it precisely made). The next step is to remove the skins and prepare the nails for future treatments. At this point, the primer should be applied. After it dries, we use the first layer of gel. Then we apply a modelling mass and give the nails the right shape and shine. After finishing the supplement, the stylist applies a serum for the skin of the hands and the care of the olive. Sometimes the supplement should be completed much earlier. The cause may be the poor quality of styling or increased nail moisture.

Renewing gel nails

We perform the procedure about six weeks after the first stylization. The course of renewal is similar to the supplement. However, the photo is subject to 90% gel. The treatment is the most time-consuming of all styles. It is best first to shorten the nails (before filing). After cleaning and degreasing the nails, remove the peel and apply the primer. It may be necessary to scrub your nails with a brush or a wooden stick. A lot of emphases is also placed on the manicure, in particular, the area of the cuticles. Removal of skins is necessary for the treatment to look aesthetically and to be durable.
Refreshing treatments are permanently included in this type of nail stylization.

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