How to professionally top up gel nails?

Shiny or matte? Long or short? A similar question is asked by many women who decide to stylize their nails. Gel nails look perfectly and last for about three weeks. Pattern, length, colour are selected according to your preferences. Gel nails: what are they? Gel manicure has long been favourite in US. It is one… Read More

Hyponychium or underestimated zone of the bottom of the nail

Nails play some essential functions in our body. Women will undoubtedly pay attention to their representative and decorative feature. Well-groomed hands can be a woman’s showcase. However, before we start nail styling, it’s worth finding out some vital information about them. 5 / 5 ( 1 vote )… Read More

The correct construction of nails made in the salon

When should you think about giving your nails a beautiful shape? It is worth considering this not only when we are the owners of a long and robust nail plate. Nails can change the look of your hand, and in particular, soften it. Our friends and family will notice clean hands. Each of us has… Read More